The quickest and most beneficial way to help Warehouse Alliance is to mail a check to:

Warehouse Alliance, Inc
328 Pearl Street
PO Box 2044
La Crosse, WI 54602-2044

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The Warehouse Alliance Inc non-profit is in its second year of assuming operations of The Warehouse.  Even as a “for profit” business, the Warehouse has always been staffed with a dedicated group of volunteers, giving their time and effort to provide a unique music space where youths from all over the Coulee Region could come together.  Over the years, The Warehouse has worked with or donated to everyone from Wafer Food Pantry here in La Crosse to international relief organizations like Medicins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).  Now The Warehouse Alliance Board is asking that you make an investment in the community and help foster creative young adults by supporting the work of the Warehouse Alliance in this second year of it’s “Music Unites All” capital campaign.

The Alliance is set to make some grand advances in services, while continuing the rich, 25-year musical history of the Warehouse.  The Alliance’s primary goal is to offer a music-based alternative to the drug and alcohol culture that can quickly overtake teens, by giving those young adults the opportunity to meet new friends and form a community, with acknowledgement to the increased chance of suicide in teens who have no place to feel at home or to call their own.

With a 25-year track record, Warehouse’s events have spawned friendships that have lasted for 2 decades in some cases.  Marriages, business partnerships, and other connections have been made through the simple pleasure of music appreciation.  Adults in their late 30s, who were “Warehouse Kids” 25 years ago, sometimes come to events with their own teenage sons and daughters.  There are few other local organizations that have that track record.

From the Mission Statement:

“The Warehouse Alliance will support and promote the growth of the music and arts community of the Greater Coulee Region through events, shows, workshops and classes, volunteerism, and immersive learning opportunities.”

Your help will enable the new Warehouse Alliance 501c3 to continue the work of the past 25 years at the Warehouse.  Please take a moment to help fund Warehouse Alliance.