A Daily Updated List of Financial Levels and Supporters For the 2018 Year starting 11/29/17

NAMING RIGHTS Level ($50,000+)

Only available to 1 donor.  Donate $50,000 or more, and your name/business name will be added to all of the advertising for every show for a year, your chosen name will be displayed through signage at the venue, highlighting your singular sponsorship of the Main Music Room in the venue.  Example of naming rights applied: The Gibson Guitars Main Room at the Warehouse, the Dave Grohl Main Room at the Warehouse, the Dave’s Guitar Shop Main Room at the Warehouse, etc.


ALLIANCE BENEFACTOR Level  ($25,000-49,000)

LIFELONG MUSIC PATRON Level ($15,000-19,999)

PLATINUM Level ($10,000-14,999)

STAGE SPONSOR Level ($5,000-9,999)

STAIRCLIMBER Level ($2,500-4,999)

PRODUCER Level ($1,500-2,499)

SOUNDMAN Level ($1,000-1,499)

STAGE MANAGER Level ($500-999)

LIGHTING DIRECTOR Level ($201-499)

ROADIE Level (.55¢ A Day — $200)

DRUM TECH Level ($150-199)

GUITAR TECH Level ($100-149)

LOADER Level ($76-99)

MEMBERSHIP Level ($75)

HELPING HAND Level ($50-74)

GOOD IDEA Level ($25-49)

WHAT I CAN Level ($1-24)