Making a Bequest To Warehouse Alliance

For friends and supporters of Warehouse Alliance, the choice to remember The Alliance with the gift of a bequest is an ongoing commitment to their desire of supporting the work of The Alliance even after they have passed.

Bequests are generally made while drafting a will or creating an estate plan, regardless of the age of the donor.  They are a commitment of a future contribution.

If you make the choice to make a bequest to the Warehouse Alliance, we recommend the language similar to this:

General Support of The Alliance:

“I give _________ (the specific dollar amount, percentage, property, remainder) to Warehouse Alliance Inc, unrestricted, with preference given to the purposes specified by me in a separate written agreement with Warehouse Alliance, as that agreement may be amended from time to time.”

Adding that specific provision, that your gift designation is separate from your will or living trust, allows you the freedom to change your designation at some future date without having to change your will or living trust and incur additional legal fees.


Don’t Keep It Secret!

Please let us know when you have made The Alliance part of your will, so that we can properly (and publicly, if you choose) thank you!

If you intend for you and your gift to remain anonymous, we ask that you contact the Warehouse Alliance.  The Alliance will work confidentially with you and your advisers to create a plan that reflects your personal interest in supporting Warehouse Alliance programming into the future.

As always, if you have any financial/logistical questions you can contact Alliance Board Member Mara Schmidt via email at .

For programming questions, please contact

Stephen Harm, Executive Director


Phone: 608-386-3404