Warehouse Alliance Inc (“the Alliance“) is a non-profit youth music and art public charitable 501(c)3 entity developed to give young Coulee Region residents and visitors unique opportunities to experience live music, create community through music and the Arts, showcase their own musical talents, learn about music performance, and to enhance their understanding of the music business, especially for young adults in their very complicated teenage years.

The Alliance oversees the Warehouse, an alcohol and drug free performance space that is one of the longest running all-ages no alcohol venues in America. For the past 25 years, the Warehouse has been a safe place for young music lovers and young music players to come together for the celebration of music, whether it be an acoustic guitar or a wall of Marshalls.

Mission Statement from the Alliance By-Laws:

“The Warehouse Alliance will support and promote the growth of the music and arts community of the Greater Coulee Region through events, shows, workshops and classes, volunteerism, and immersive learning opportunities.

SUPPORTING WAREHOUSE ALLIANCE IS SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITY.  Please consider joining us by contributing now.

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