Annie is a 20-year old Western Technical College student. She started coming to the Warehouse in 2012, and after attending many performances, she decided she wanted to volunteer. In 2014 she did just that, and can now been seen at most shows behind the bar, making sure the hundreds of glass bottle sodas are readily available to concertgoers, performers, parents, and other staff members.

Annie feels that Volunteering at the Warehouse has made her many new friends who she never would have met in other circumstances, and she always looks forward to new adventures at the Warehouse.

In her real life, aside from attending WTC, she works in the bakery at Festival Foods, and works during the summer months at the public pool in La Crescent, MN.











Kyle has been volunteering at the Warehouse since 2013. He has been attending shows at the Warehouse for many years, and as a local musician he has frequented the stage with his various bands, including Ridgecrest, Stars After The Storm, Of The Fact, and his current pop-punk band Waking Sun.

At the Warehouse, Kyle works mainly as lead bartender for the soda bar, but is also an immeasurable help with stage work, including helping bands load their equipment and stage managing throughout shows. He says his life would have been 180 degrees different without the Warehouse giving him a place to perform and develop his artistic abilities.

Kyle credits the Warehouse with developing his skills at personal interaction, which he now uses as the front desk m at a local franchise of a national hotel chain.











In 2011, Bob moved to La Crosse to take a maintenance department position at Torrance Casting.

Searching for alternative entertainment, Bob found the Warehouse the old-fashioned way: Google.  He was shocked to find out that national bands were coming through La Crosse and performing multiple times a week at the Warehouse.  In 2012 Bob started coming to the Warehouse for the shows.

In 2013 Bob bought some camera equipment to be able to document the life of his new Granddaughter, Adelyne.  He started bringing his camera to shows in 2013 and realized he had a knack for concert and event photography.  After seeing the photographs that Bob was producing, The Warehouse seized on the opportunity to make Bob official Staff Photographer for the venue.  Bob also shoots events and life at other venues, coffee shops, fundraisers like Rockin’ The Docks, and major musical acts at the La Crosse Center.

Bob continues to hone his skills at the Warehouse, documenting almost every band at every show.  Bands from across the country are now using Bob’s Warehouse-shot photos for promotional purposes, CD covers, social media imagery, posters, and more.

Bob likes to say “everyone is awesome”, and he aims to capture that positive energy with his photos.

Bob still works in the Maintenance Department at Torrance Casting, but has worked his way to the top of the department, Maintenance Manager for the foundry.













Bryan first attended the Warehouse as a 16-year old in 2004, when he lived in a rural area three hours north of La Crosse. After his first show, his plans were set:  walk back up those stairs as often as possible. He traveled from his small northern Wisconsin area as often as he could, dreaming of one day standing on the stage.

In 2010, Bryan finally got to perform on the stage that previously showcased so many bands he looked up to.

In 2011, Bryan moved to La Crosse so he could help out at the place he loved for so many years. He started with various building repair work, moving on to staffing the soda bar, to door person, to stage manager, to sound technician, with a multitude of other projects always keeping him busy.  He is a “floating” member of the staff, able to fill any position before, during, and after the show.

Bryan is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter currently performing with the bands RIG TIME! and Waking Sun.  In the past, he has performed with Lasting Impression, G.A.S., and many others.  He lives and breathes music.  Don’t even get him started on Deftones.

Bryan has a Human Services Associate Degree and training in Heartsaver CPR/First Aid/AED.

Bryan’s “real” job is in the Stage Department at the La Crosse Center.

He spends most of his time with his wife, fellow band member, and fellow Warehouse Alliance staff member, Rebecca, who were married August 2015 and celebrated with a wedding reception at the Warehouse.










Caroline Prentice was born and raised in La Crosse Wisconsin. Her mother had worked in the Minneapolis music scene for several years, and Caroline had it in her blood.  She ventured to The Warehouse for her first show in 2005 and soon after became a Warehouse volunteer.  Whether attending shows or helping the rest of the Warehouse Crew during shows, Caroline met many friends who over the years became “family”.  The Warehouse played a strong role in teaching her work ethic as she grew into a young adult, and still to this day introduces her to some of her new found favorite band and acts.

Although busy in her life with other things, Caroline volunteers (when not attending shows) upon occasion to work door or at the soda bar.

Beyond attending as many shows as she can, Caroline is a full time nanny for two rambunctious and adorable children, and works as a photo technician at Walgreen’s in La Crosse..












Rich first came to the Warehouse back in 1997 while participating in the area’s punk rock scene.  After seeing bands like MU330 and NIL8 in a live concert situation, he became interested in the behind-the-scenes workings of the live music business.  By the following year he was helping out behind the dry bar.
Rich gradually began working at different positions around the Warehouse, during his late high school years, and then throughout his college years.  Graduating in 2004 from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a bachelor of science degree, majoring in both history and political science, Rich stayed in the La Crosse area because of his dedication to the Warehouse.
During Rich’s time at the Warehouse he inherited the position of ticket taker/door guy from a longtime volunteer who was moving to Milwaukee.  But he works before during and after the shows, helping bands load in and out, stage managing prior to the shows, and then handling register at the door.
Rich credits the Warehouse with allowing him to meet many great people, from the traveling bands to great local kids and supportive parents.  Ask him his favorite show and his list is too long to make.  After 15 years of volunteering, he continues to help maintain and operate a venue that provides a safe place for people of all ages to enjoy various types of live music, and has a good deal of fun doing it.
Ironically, the day job for this 35-yr old is working at a plumbing supply company….in their warehouse!










Dakota started out playing at the Warehouse at the young age of 13.  Over the past few years he has performed as drummer, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist for various bands.  He is also a songwriter.

In July of 2014 he started volunteering at the Warehouse because he had experienced all of the instruments on stage, and wanted to learn some of the behind the scenes parts of performances.  He works behind the soda bar, and also work onstage during shows, working directly with the bands.

He is frequently called on to fill-in when a band member is sick or can’t make it to the gig, or when a band member cannot tour.  His networking through playing and working at the Warehouse has helped him meet many bands who have hired him as a temporary player.  He is currently a permanent member of Narrow Hearts (as drummer), and of In Solace (as guitarist/vocalist).

Kodie’s family has a history in the music business, with many talented performers among his relatives.

Kodie’s real jobs outside of the Warehouse include working at The Garden of Eatin in Galesville WI and also as a stagehand at the La Crosse Center.



Rebecca started going to the Warehouse in middle school. As she got older her love for music became stronger, and she started attending the Warehouse more often.

Since that time, she has met some of her favorite bands, one of her best friends, and her soon-to-be husband.

A few years ago she started volunteering at the Warehouse working behind the soda bar, running door and other random projects
She is also the guitar player for the band RIG TIME! , and in her free time she likes to travel, be outside, attend concerts, take pictures, and spend time with her family and friends, who include Warehouse Staffer Bryan Fleming,  The two were married in August of 2015 and celebrated their wedding with a reception at the Warehouse..

Rebecca is also a certified Childcare Provider and currently works at two Daycare Facilities in the area, as well as working as a stagehand at the La Crosse Center.


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