“I’m surprised that there has not been more community support from Civic Leaders and those of means in La Crosse. You are doing good things.”

David Silbaugh, Head Talent Buyer, Summerfest Milwaukee (Worlds Largest Music Festival)


“One of the best and most important independent concert venues in the midwest, the Warehouse in LaCrosse, WI, is all ages/no alcohol, all the time, and vehemently against pay to play. They bring in some of the best local, regional and upcoming national acts to tiny La Crosse, providing a safe environment for area kids to see shows and to cut their teeth on stage. It’s a wonderful place run by great people. And it’s also a rock n roll and industrial music museum! This is something I really believe in and I wish there had been a place like the Warehouse where I grew up.”

Renee, Aztalan Turf Podcast


“All Ages? You mean with no alcohol? You’ve got more guts than I do.”

Hilly Krystal, owner, CBGBs New York City 2006


“Friends: This is an amazing, all-ages venue in La Crosse Wisconsin, that has been hosting rock, punk, alternative, hip-hop, and all kinds of free-thinking amazingness for years and years… we loved our times at the Warehouse from way back in ‘99 and beyond. America needs to keep these DIY venues alive…where else can kids see music?”



“My sons Ethan and Evan treasure the times they have spent at the Warehouse and the many great friends they have met there. Thanks for the support of local musicians and safe, youth entertainment!”

Leanne Poellinger


“ A great venue, with the most lovably painful load in.”



The Warehouse is everything you want out of a music venue and so much more. All-ages, alcohol free, and welcoming to everyone. I credit the start of my music career to Steve and its staff. I was privileged to play my first ever out of state show at the Warehouse. Steve took a chance on my band when not many would. We developed an amazing relationship and friendship that continues over 10 years later. The Warehouse was always my favorite venue to play and I know first hand how important it is to the music community, AND to the City of La Crosse.”



Kids need a place like The Warehouse. Sure hope people realize this and start stepping up…”

Sharon Evenstad


“This is one of the most important causes I totally believe in and back. Sure there are are notable venues out there like Cabaret Metro, The Roxy, CBGBs (RIP) etc but this is just as important. Odds are if you are in a band or were in a band you have played this venue before with all of it’s famous steps. Stephen Harm and Co have booked everyone from Haloblack, Hate Dept., Sister Machine Gun, Descendents, C-tec , Melvins, Meat Puppets, Dead Milkmen, Pegboy, Workhorse Movement, Chemlab, Pigface, 16volt, En Esch/Mona Mur, Bishop Dust, No Knife, Wesley Willis,Babyland, Acumen Nation to national acts like Everclear, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Mudvayne, Wayne Static and Static-x, Mayday Parade, Letlive, Motion City Soundtrack, POS, Mod Sun, Mac Lethal, Volumes, Born of Osiris. Please support this important venue if possible and if nothing else share the link as I feel this needs to reach national news and the attention of some of the larger bands, larger labels, corporate sponsors etc etc etc.”

DAVID SCHOCK, Chicago Concert Promoter


“I loved (the Warehouse) so much as a kid…94’-96’ I was there pretty much every weekend!”

Amber Solow


“In 1995, my closest group of friends, who were my band, ascended a daunting flight of stars in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was to an all ages, alcohol free, teen refuge, music venue in a historic building called The Warehouse. That night, the owner let us sleep in the dressing room because we were exhausted, poor, hungry and probably sucked pretty bad. I have never forgotten that night and never will. I’ve since played in that venue many times with several different bands. I’ve donated what I can to help keep the business alive as they’re now struggling. If my kids were to load their drums, guitars and synthesizers into a rusty old van, to see the world through their dreams, I’d want their first and last gig to be at Stephen Harm’s place, The Warehouse.”

Steven Seibold, HATE DEPT


“My times at the Warehouse have always been the highlights of my short life. My first show was Porcupine, in the 7th grade. That show changed it all for me. It wasn’t just Porcupine that changed it, it was the venue itself. The lights, the poster-plastered walls with names like Superchunk and Frank Black stuck with me. Since that show I have played my own set of shows there! I hope one day my kids can enjoy the Warehouse… Great memories.”

Matthew Clark, Neon


“I joined Everclear 2 years after the band had formed. In the early days of my touring with them, still playing small bars etc, after a bad show…Art & Craig would tell me ‘just wait ‘til we get to La Crosse and the Warehouse. It will go off!’ Everclear from the very beginning had a rabid fanbase in the Midwest thanks to this all-ages club where anyone including teenage kids could see a show. One of the true all ages no alcohol venues in this country. National or local, it didn’t matter, everyone came through the Warehouse. When we did finally make it there, the load in up those stairs was a killer! Luckily Steve or some kids milling around always pitched in to cart stuff up and down those famous stairs. And the cookies baked by Steve’s Mom! We looked forward to that after 3 months on the road because it seemed like a little piece of home. Thats what the Warehouse was AND is! A place you look forward to on a long tour where you know you will have an enthusiastic crowd, hands to help you load up the two flights of stairs, a good night of merch sales, and cookies to hold you over ‘til you made it to the next town, which was never as good as La Crosse and The Warehouse. THANK YOU Steve, and all the volunteers and kids who make this venue possible.”

Greg Eklund, EVERCLEAR 1994-2003


“The Warehouse has always been like coming home for us, even though we are from Chicago. Our bands history is woven into the walls of the place, it’s like a walk through an independent rock museum, and we always spend an hour scanning the hundreds of fliers from past shows. The clubs dedication to its local kids and its style is evident in the mere fact these fliers still remain after all these years… it’s one of the coolest clubs we have ever played, and we’d walk up those &^%$#@ stairs anytime for Steve.”



“Thanks for being there after all of these years. There are not enough all ages, booze free venues in this country, you are an asset to the La Crosse Community and the rest of the region. I haven’t lived in the area for almost 20 years, but I still cannot imagine La Crosse without the Warehouse.”

Sati Ghrimm


“I have a very short list of clubs that I really look forward to playing. In fact, there are only two clubs on it. The Warehouse is, needless to say, number One. It is the only venue in the country that can make a third-floor load-in actually worth doing. ”



“The Warehouse has the best energy of any venue we’ve played. From the bad-ass staffers to the insane kids, it’s our favorite home away from home.”



The Warehouse is our home away from home. It is a place where we go to give hope to fans, friends, and peers alike. At the top of those stairs is a presence – a feeling of unity that we have no where else in the world…a sense of connection with everyone in that room. If that venue is gone, you take away that one kid’s special chance of seeing their idol. You take away the chance of that kid starting a band, interacting with friends, finding his/her passion in life. You take away friends from other states and cities connecting with each other, dismantling family in the process. Bottom line, you take away thousands of dreams. Please do not take away those dreams, including the 5 of ours.”



“It’s really important to have all-ages non-pay-to-play venues who don’t focus on alcohol sales out there. You guys are all about the music and your locals, and we support that.”

Kimberly, from the band One-Eyed Doll


“The Warehouse is an oasis of kindness and rock. We consider it a treat and a pleasure to play there.”

Melora Creager, RASPUTINA


“The Warehouse opened its arms to Saving Face in the summer of 2001 and has been nothing but supportive to us since. Every show we play there is amazing: the kids are amazing, the staff is amazing, the room is amazing, the experience is amazing. We have always felt welcomed and loved there, and we owe so much to Steve and everyone involved with The Warehouse for helping get Saving Face’s name out there. We will remain loyal to The Warehouse forever.”



“You probably don’t remember me, but my crappy band played your venue back in 2005. I had a really bad cold, and you gave me all the cold medicine you had and paid us a little extra to make sure we could stay in a hotel. People like you are few and far between!”

Steven Kasprzyk


“No matter how many venues we play, there’s always a select few that have that “comin’ home” feeling. Since ’97-’98 the guys in the band have always felt at home, taken care of and in great company at the Warehouse.”



“The Warehouse embodies a microcosm of what music scenes should be, every time we show up the kids go nuts, they are the most generous and open minded fans in the country, it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or 180 degrees, they are there to see a rock show and celebrate the music that people come to share with them. The Warehouse is unforgettable for many reasons but the two that stick in the mind are the fans and the stairs. I have heard people say that The Warehouse needs an elevator to get all the gear up there, I mean it is three flights of stairs at almost a 90 degree angle, but to me, those stairs can be the highlight of a tour, to get a bunch of people sweating their asses off hauling 150 pound flight cases up there to put together a show for those kids is the essence of what rock is about, The Warehouse is a mentor for the world, I only wish more clubs and more scenes could experience it and learn from it, Steve and his people are the best, good music, good vibes, good people.”

Eric Powell, 16 VOLT


“A caring place that feels like home to so many of us- the walls testify to the legacy of support that this club and staff have given to the underground scene for the last two and a half decades.”

Martin Atkins, PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED / PIGFACE / NIN; author Tour:SmartWelcome To The Music Business, You’re F**ked, and Band:Smart


“This venue is one of the most important places for independent bands in the country and has been for over 20 years. Chemlab played there more times than I can count, mis-spending much of our fabled youth there rocking out and freaking out under the graces of Stephen Harm and his coterie of incredibly supportive and hungry-for-action employees… We were always greeted on the street by a band of kids ready, snow or sweat, to hump our ridiculously heavy gear up every band’s arch nemesis: those endless flights of eye-wateringly near-vertical stairs. The Warehouse, Steve & Co., dug us from very early on…years ahead of the rest of the country…so we spent a lot of time (at the Warehouse). That a place like this, thats supportive of the local-scene, alcohol-free, and hungry to keep doing what it’s been doing for years is in danger is Art Crime.”

Jared Louche, CHEMLAB


The Warehouse, in La Crosse WI, is one of our favorite venues in the world…”



“We played this cool venue called The Warehouse in LaCrosse, Wisconsin many years ago. A couple hundred kids in this little town treated us like we were royalty and all of them had a great time, we did too. It was a gem in a small town.”

Stephen Egerton, DESCENDENTS


“If you’re from Wisconsin or you’ve toured in/with a band, chances are you’ve played at The Warehouse in LaCrosse WI. Over 20 years of all ages shows, without a drop of alcohol served in the building. Support this gem of a venue.”



“In 2011, when we were touring the USA from the Netherlands, we played in this awesome venue called The Warehouse, an all-ages non-alcohol place (so the local youth has a cool place to hang out), run by probably the hardest working man in show business.  To us it was crazy to see how little support the venue had from the local (city) council.  To me, the Warehouse is an example of how a small venue should operate, giving bands a chance to perform, teach them a lesson or two about how to behave, and be a safe hangout for the local kids.  They were nice to have us there.”

Tim van Delft, DE STAAT


The Warehouse is one of the TRUE underground all ages clubs in the US, dedicated to great industrial and edgy music, run by people who love music….You know right away from the giant “Godlike” drawing on the wall you belong there. Make a trip out there. It is history, and it is music, and it is us.”



The Warehouse is where I learned to love live music. A %&$# cool and positive place to let it all hang out. It was THE place to be when I grew up. Sooo many stories and memories flooding back as I write this. Dunno where I would be today without it in my life. Seriously, it shapped all of my friends lives. Steve, THANK YOU! I am not sure I ever said those words, and I walked up those steps 100s of times! I’m saying it now. We took it all for granted.”

Leah Rose


The Warehouse was my first club.  Dead Milkmen, ’93 I think.  Changed my life.  The Warehouse allows you to really commune with the creative process in a way that was totally unavailable to me.”

Mark Baumgarten, Editor, The Seattle Weekly; Author, Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the Rise of Independent Music







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